Blue Heron Tai Chi, of Longmont, Colorado, and Tai Chi Healthways of San Diego, California, have created a partnership to promote the benefits and provide training for the use of the Tai Chi Ruler. The Tai Chi Ruler is a traditional wooden device, approximately a foot long, invented in China during the reign of the first emperor of the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) by Taoist Chen Xiyi. Regular practice with the Tai Chi Ruler relieves stress, provides a gentle moving meditation, and promotes health and longevity. Chen Xiyi lived to be 118 years old.

Apple Ruler

Cherry Ruler

The Tai Chi Rulers are manufactured by Blue Heron Tai Chi. Tai Chi Healthways has created a video showing the proper use of the Ruler. The video and the Ruler is marketed by both entities online and through local sales. To see our rulers in action, please click here to preview/purchase a video featuring Master Jesse Tsao!

Steve Elliott & Jesse Tsao

Tai Chi Healthways is the home of Master Jesse Tsao. Master Tsao received his PhD in Wushu from Shanghai Sport University. He is an internationally known Tai Chi Master, born and raised in China, who has been studying Tai Chi for over 40 years. He spent 10 years of intensive study with world renowned Grandmaster Li Deyin in Beijing, China. He is the 12th generation direct-line lineage holder of Chen style Tai Chi. His trips around the world take him to Germany, France, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Russia and Greece. Steve Elliott is the instructor at Blue Heron Tai Chi in Longmont Colorado. Steve has been studying Tai Chi for over 35 years. He currently studies with Master Tsao, including a trip last year to China to visit the Wudang Mountain Monastery, birthplace of Tai Chi. Blue Heron Tai Chi’s studios are at Dance Dimensions, located a 638 Main St in Longmont Colorado. Blue Heron Tai Chi offers classes in Tai Chi and Qigong. Classes on the Tai Chi Ruler are offered through the Longmont Senior Center. Master Tsao is planning a trip to Longmont in January of 2019 to present a full-day workshop on the Tai Chi Ruler. Contact: Blue Heron Tai Chi Steve Elliott (303) 775-5881 Tai Chi Healthways Master Jesse Tsao (858) 922-5052