As taught by Jesse Tsao, the Tai Chi Flute (or Bang – rhymes with song) is a short stick that can be made of wood or bamboo. The form has both a Qi focused section that concentrates on breathing and simple movements, and a martial section that uses the flute as a weapon. Lots of spins and flourishes.

Eight-Immortal Flute is an energy practice based on characteristic Tai Chi postures combined with traditional Chinese self-healing meditation. Tai Chi Flute gives an object to focus on between the palms, bonding the two hands moving together, making it easy and fun for beginners to feel the energy, and gain the benefits of Tai Chi practice. Students who find it difficult to quiet their minds find this practice especially effective in gathering attention. Holding the Flute with both palms helps them concentrate and be in the moment. The movements of the Bang imitate the movement of the energy inside the body. It relieves stress, gathers in fresh energy, rejuvenates the body and spirit, brings inner calm, and promotes blood circulation.

The flute is usually an 18 inch length of bamboo.

Jesse Tsao performs Over The Rainbow with the flute.