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Live classes are back in session! We’re meeting at the Pavilion in Roosevelt Park. Please see the Calendar for the schedule.

Some Zoom classes are still ongoing. See our Calendar for all schedules and classes.

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News & Upcoming Events

We have a new venue!

Blue Heron Tai Chi has partnered with The Therapy Center to offer Tai Chi classes twice a week. For more information about the Therapy Center, go to Patricia Vickland, D.P.T., heads up the Therapy Center and she and the staff are happy to make Tai Chi available for their clients.

The Therapy Center is located at 1330 Sunset Street in Longmont. Tai Chi classes are held on Tuesday at 2:45 pm and Friday at noon. Call 303-776-0333 to register.

Qi Gong classes have resumed at Hover Manor! While the facility is still closed to visitors, we are practicing outside (in the shade) on Friday mornings at 9:00 am. It is great to be able to get together once again, and we are already seeing improved strength and attitude with the weekly classes.


Lance Culnane

Thanks for all you do! I remember when I first started going to Tai Chi with you I was pretty stiff and awkward and you helped me learn to relax and listen to my body. I think that has helped me perform better at work, which then allowed me to get this great new job… Read more “Lance Culnane”

Lance Culnane