Steve Elliott has been awarded a certificate to teach Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention 1 & 2.

This program is endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and has been shown in evidence-based studies to reduce pain, increase mobility and reduce falls. Being active is essential for good health. It is even more important for people with arthritis. Pain and stiffness of the joints tend to discourage and even limit people from exercising. However, without exercise, joints become stiffer and muscles weaker which will lead to further pain and stiffness. Without exercise, arthritis gets worse in the long term. Exercise keeps bones, muscles, and joints healthy, thus improving flexibility and muscular strength. Exercise improves the circulation of blood and body fluids through muscles, tendons, and joints. Better circulation will aid the healing process.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention provides this exercise in a safe environment with special attention to the slow, fluid Tai chi movements that engage joints and muscles without overextension or jarring. Practitioners are encouraged to stay within their comfort zones, and moves are modified as necessary to accommodate limits to range of motion.

Part 2 is ideal for those who have completed the original program and are looking for a more challenging course. We will continue to refine the moves learned during Tai Chi for Arthritis 1, and learn nine new moves, practiced on both the left and right sides. As you deepen your practice, you will discover your body moving more freely with an expanded range of motion, smoother movement, and better control. Along the way joints loosen up, inflammation decreases, and your focus becomes clearer and less likely to be distracted.

Please check the Calendar for class times and to sign up!