Steve’s Musings

Your Tai Chi Isn’t in the Mirror

The other day, during a class, when we would start to practice our form, I noticed a student moving left & right to get into the right spot. I asked him what he was doing, and he replied: “I’m getting to the place where I can see the mirror.” Aha! Your Tai Chi...

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By Way of an Apology to Jaqui Gee

The other day, Jaqui reminded me that years ago I referred to Chen Man-Ching's T'ai Chi form as Inferior T'ai Chi. I apologize profusely. I can only hope that Jaqui can forgive said comment as the off hand remark of a testosterone laden and obviously much less wiser...

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Musing #1: The four enemies you must face

The four enemies. (Loosely liberated from Carlos Castenada) The first enemy is fear. Fear paralyzes you. For fear, you don't act. There are several forms of fear. One of the lesser manifestations of fear is worrying. If you are constantly imagining bad things in your...

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