Tai Chi Workshop with Master Jesse Tsao – Saturday, January 25, 2019



Steve Elliott and Blue Heron Tai Chi invite you to join Master Jesse Tsao, PhD, for a day of energy and rejuvenation. Master Tsao returns to Longmont with his own brand of joy and instruction to present the Shibashi Qi Gong for Vitality and the healing aspects of the Tai Chi Ruler.

The morning session will consist of Qi Gong (energy work) practice based on the Shibashi Qi Gong for Vitality routine. This is a series of 18 exercises which generate energy throughout the body with relaxed, flowing movements. These exercises can be done standing or sitting.

The afternoon session will focus on the Tai Chi Ruler, a wooden instrument that helps focus attention on breathing and regular movement to increase flexibility, energy, and moving meditation. If you don’t already own a ruler, they can be purchased at the workshop. $35 + tax = $38.00

Master Tsao is an internationally known Tai Chi Master and the 12th generation direct-line lineage holder of Chen style Tai Chi. He holds a PhD in Wushu from Shanghai Sport University.

Longmont Residents:
$75 for the morning session: Qi Gong for Vitality
$75 for the afternoon session: Tai Chi Ruler
$125 for the entire day

Non-Longmont Residents:
$90 for the morning session
$90 for the afternoon session
$150 for the entire day.

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Resident Status

Longmont Resident, Non-Longmont Resident

Class Selection

Morning Session: Qi Gong for Vitality, Afternoon Session: Tai Chi Ruler, Entire Day