Class: Changing With The Seasons


Wednesday mornings: 10:30 am – 12:15 pm Mountain Time
Online Zoom class.
$60 per month.

This class is based on the teachings of Chen Tuan (陳摶) the Sleeping Immortal. Chen Tuan created this form sometime before 989 CE. The textbook is Chen Tuan’s Four Season Internal Kung Fu, by Stuart Alve Olson. The teachings include seated and standing Dao Yin exercises designed to prevent diseases that occur during seasonal changes throughout the year. We will leverage energy for seasonal flow and develop the following skills:

1.     Purification chants: body, speech, heart mind.
2.     Four guards & correspondences
3.     Summon 12 Earthly Branch Animals & chant of spiritual lights
4.     Lao Zi playing the lute
5.     Opening the passes
6.     Correlations of meridians, bagua & nine palaces.
7.     Sleeping Qigong
8.     Dao Yin exercises 1-18
9.     Eight breath techniques
10.   Dao Yin 24 articulations

We will also activate seasonal talismans.