Blue Heron Tai Chi Ruler – “Smaller Hands” Model – 10.75″ x 1.75″ – Fruit Wood


Blue Heron Fruit Wood Rulers are individually crafted in Steve’s Ruler Factory (the garage in back of Steve’s house).

Our fruit wood rulers are made from Colorado apple, pear, and cherry trees from local sources. These folks let us pick through the pile and choose branches and logs that may be hiding a ruler inside (no cracks, curves, or surprises). The wood is then shipped (via Steve’s 15+ year-old pickup) to the factory where it is cut to length, waxed, weighed, and tagged. Before we can work the wood, it must be properly aged for three to four months.

When the wood has sufficiently aged, it is de-barked and put on a computer-controlled lathe that precisely cuts out a ruler to our specifications. The ruler is then sanded and finished with tung oil.

To see our rulers in action, please click here to preview/purchase a video featuring Master Jesse Tsao!

The variations of color, grain, patterns, and yes…wormholes in each fruit wood ruler come from the individual characteristics of each fruit tree. Because each fruit wood ruler is unique, we will choose a ruler for you when you place your order.


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About our finish:

Tung oil is a drying oil obtained by pressing the seed from the nut of the tung tree (Vernicia fordii). It hardens upon exposure to air, and the resulting coating is transparent with a deep, almost wet look. The oil and its use are believed to have originated in ancient China and appear in the writings of Confucius from about 400 B.C.

Tung oil is very popular today because it is a non-toxic, natural product which dries to a very hard and easily repaired finish.